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Why You Need A Realtor As A First Time Home Buyer

Posted by Terence Davids on Dec 21, 2017 10:00:00 AM
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As a first time home buyer the home buying process can be intimidating. With most home listings online and access to a number of resources to help you through the process, many home buyers thinking that they don't need a realtor to guide them through this process. We may be biased, but this is a mistake that home buyers make. There are a number of benefits to working with a realtor when buying your first home.

Access to a number of resources

When working with a reputable real estate agent you get access to many resources you wouldn't otherwise have. Good real estate agents have a comfortable grasp on the real estate market, and can help you find the perfect home for you.

Armed with a list of what it is you'd like in the home, they can help you narrow that down or tell you what is and isn't realistic for the budget you have set. With the contacts that a realtor has they can also help you find some hidden gems you might otherwise pass up.

Make the search process easy

If you start the process as a first time home buyer without the help of a real estate agent it can be very easy to get overwhelmed and lost in all of the available listings. It can also be difficult to sift through house descriptions and know what you really need to be looking for.

Enter your realtor! They will be able to guide you through this, and can do a lot of the searching for you to present you with options to choose from. This can eliminate a lot of the time (and stress!) that the home buying process takes.

Expert negotiators

Picture this: you've found your perfect dream home, you've decided on an offer...and now it's time to negotiate.

Does that thought intimidate you? This is where a real estate agent really comes in handy. With their market knowledge and expertise, experience buying and selling homes, and objective position in the process they can handle the negotiation process a lot easier than most home buyers can. As a home buyer you're likely invested in the home and willing to do what it takes to make the purchase, while your Niagara real estate agent can approach this without such an emotional bias.

They will also be able to help you understand things such as closing costs and any problems that may arise during the closing of the sale.

Start the journey

Are you ready to dive into the Niagara housing market and find your new home? Start the journey by brushing up on some helpful information for first time home buyers with the Team Davids' Home Buyer's Guide. This guide will help you navigate through the process easily. Download the guide below.

If you're ready to start working with a reputable Niagara realtor with the experience and knowledge to help you find your perfect home, connect with Team Davids today.

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