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Tips to sell your home in Niagara in the spring

Posted by Terence Davids on Mar 30, 2017 12:54:12 PM
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Buyers are happier in the springtime, and they’re out in full force. With more hours in the day they can see more houses on sale, and with the busier market of the warmer months they likely have lots of homes they want to visit. This means that getting your home ready for those buyers is more important than ever. Your first step to sell your home in Niagara is to find a listing agent in Niagara. The second step is to stage your house properly so you can appeal to spring buyers.

Don’t let your house become part of the blur of homes that people see in a day. Make sure your home seems bright, open and inviting from the moment new buyers drive up. Here are some tips on how to keep buyers interested.

Lots of spring cleaning

When outside is so bright, a dreary inside is more noticeable than ever. A sparkly clean window makes all the difference, and streak free glass panes make sure buyers know the home is well taken care of and maintained. They’ll also let buyers focus more on what’s outside the window - whether that’s a nice view or the backyard.

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean inside. Rake up leaves that may have been left behind when snow fell, trim the bushes that haven’t been tended to since last spring. Remember, buyers will start being interested the second they drive up to the house. That first impression that your yard gives off really counts.

Get in the garden

That yard work is going to be really important in the spring, when everyone’s focus is on how pretty the plants are growing. Keep the grass watered and as green as you can, and keep the lawn mowed. Try mowing the grass on a diagonal, which will make your yard look longer and bigger.

If you don’t have a garden, invest in some outdoor potted plants to brighten up the outside of your home. This will give buyers a positive and happy impression before they even walk inside. The absolute no is to leave your garden unattended - overgrown landscapes aren’t welcoming at all and no matter how nice the interior is, you run the risk of losing buyers from the start.

Brighten up the interior

A colourful interior is the crucial if you want to host a memorable open house. Keep out bright towels and decorations inside to make the space look brighter and happier. Use colours like yellow, pinks, pale blues and soft purples/lavenders. Trade in dark curtains or drapes) for brightly coloured, soft fabric curtains. Use springtime coloured throw blankets and pillows to tie the room together.

Keeping these seasonal colours within your home will make your home stick out in the mind of buyers. It will also keep your home looking so welcoming, buyers won’t be able to help picturing themselves living in the home.

Think you’re ready to sell your home? Connect with us at Team Davids. Our staff of home selling experts have the knowledge and experience you need to make sure your home sells as quickly as possible.

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