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The benefits of decluttering before you list your Niagara home

Posted by Terence Davids on May 30, 2017 10:29:33 AM
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If selling your home is on the horizon for you, now is the perfect time to start decluttering your home. It might seem too early to do so before you list your Niagara home but there are lots of benefits to starting early.

Focus on each room individually

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by decluttering your entire house at once. As you begin thinking about listing your home, start getting rid of the things around the house you don't need. First declutter spaces you don't use as frequently, tackling one room per day.

Not only will decluttering each room help drive up the selling price of your well-maintained home, it will also help you prepare to list your home. As you remove unnecessary clutter from the home, you may uncover DIY fixes the home needs early in the process. Was an old shelf covering a scratched wall? You have enough time to fix it before potential buyers come into the home.

Change the way you think about your home

Decluttering your home also means depersonalizing your home. Taking your personality out of your home is important for home buyers who view your home, but it is also very important for you when selling a home. It will help you detach from your home, and start viewing it less as your home, and more as your property.

It can be hard to step back from your home and view it as a space for potential buyers to imagine themselves in. You've made memories in the home and so selling it and moving can be an understandably emotional process. Getting rid of those sentimental family photos or personal items can make selling your home feel less emotional.

Keep spaces clear and clean

Tables, counters, desks, and shelves: keep them clean, tidy, and neat by decluttering them. Having clean, empty counters will make your kitchen look bigger. If you have a desk in a room that is cluttered, it will make the room feel overwhelming and smaller. These areas of clutter might not seem important to you, but for buyers it can be deciding factor between buying or not buying the home.

The same goes for the storage spaces in your home. It might seem counterproductive to not use those during this time, but leave the as tidy as possible, or completely empty. If the space is full of your clutter the spaces will look smaller and be less appealing.

Get an experienced Niagara listing agent

After you've decluttered, depersonalized, and detached from your home and you're ready to sell, contact Team Davids. Our experienced team of Niagara realtors is here to help you get your home sold quickly, for top dollar.

For more information on the selling process, download our Home Seller's Guide. This guide is your resource to answer all of your questions about how to sell your home.

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