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Selling a home in the Fall

Posted by Terence Davids on Oct 4, 2016 12:55:38 PM
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With the warm summer months behind us and the busy holiday period ahead, the gap between the two, that is Fall, is one that features a busy time for the real estate market. The vibrant colours of Fall along with a temperature that is relaxing make selling a home that much easier if you prepare your house for the market the right way. The right preparation and a good real estate agent can ensure your home is maximized during the Fall season.


Stay on top of the curb appeal

All of Fall’s colours help give you a warm backdrop for your home, so be sure to utilize it! Keep the foliage cleaned up and make sure it isn’t cluttering walkways and porches. Regularly cutting your lawn and trimming the trees will help you avoid a messy and unkempt look, and reduce the amount of fallen branches on your lawn. Wreaths and pumpkins are great additions and add an inviting touch to your exterior.


Perform applicable inspections and cleanings

It’s expected that throughout the year you complete specific maintenance tasks so that your home stays in tip-top shape. Before you sell your home in Niagara, there are a few inspections and cleanings that you should tackle prior to listing it.

The HVAC system is one of the most important components in your home, and it’s recommended by professionals to have it inspected and cleaned on a yearly basis. One of the most common problems resulting from home inspections relates to furnaces. Your chimney should also be inspected if you’re selling your home.


Selling a home with the help of Fall

Creating a cozy atmosphere in your house can help you potential buyers feel more at home and is possible with the help of the season. Accessorizing your furniture with Autumn accent colours can also go a long way. Adding bright red/yellow/orange pillows to your dull couch can brighten it up and can help depersonalize the room.

Just be sure to avoid over-decorating with Holiday decorations like gory props during the Halloween season. Be thoughtful when decorating and be sure to appeal to the masses.

Selling a home in the Fall is great as you have the opportunity to really spice up the home with the bright colours and holiday’s that are a part of this beautiful season. If you’re considering selling your home, take advantage of the hot market and the lovely weather by connecting with the best real estate agent for you. Team Davids can meet your needs by providing the quality service you’re looking for when going through the selling process.

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