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Questions your Niagara realtor needs to be asking you

Posted by Terence Davids on Jun 2, 2017 11:40:07 AM
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We've talked about how to interview your realtorbefore you decide who to go with, but you should also be prepared for some questions that your realtor may ask you. To understand who you are and to guide you to finding the right home, your real estate agent will need to know some information about you and what you need.

What do you need in a new home?

There are some things you might want in a new home, and there are some things you'll definitely need. It's important for your realtor to understand the difference so that they can search for homes effectively. If you need three bedrooms for your family and can't go without, it's important for your realtor to understand that is something necessary in any home they bring you.

If you simply want an extra room to use as an office, but isn't something absolutely necessary, your realtor can certainly look for that, but it also opens up some options and doesn't limit them in their search. You may need to compromise and starting that conversation as early as possible is important.

How long do you intend to live in this house?

Are you looking for something long term, to settle down and live in and call your forever home? Or is this an investment you're looking to sell in five to ten years? It's important to know what you're looking for so that your realtor can understand what they need to bring to you.

If you intend on living in the home long-term a reputable Niagara realtor will have insights about the neighbourhood they can direct their search. Having this information is important, and an experienced Niagara realtor should be asking for it.

What are your expectations?

While it's important to share with your realtor your expectations of the home so that they can tell you what is and is not realistic, this question should cover more than just that. Your Niagara real estate agent should ask you about your expectations of the timeline to buy a home, the neighbourhood you'll be living in, as well as your budget.

For realtors, this is especially important so that they know what you expect of them, and they can early on discuss what is realistic and what you may need to compromise on.

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