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Home staging: will it help in selling your Niagara home?

Posted by Terence Davids on May 23, 2017 4:49:29 PM
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Choosing whether to work with a decorator to stage your home before you sell it might seem like an unnecessary expense. There are great benefits that can be gained from staging your home prior to listing, however.

We compiled some of the reasons why staging your home is an investment you should consider making.

Better Marketing Materials

The interior shots of a property are the first shots that real estate buyers are likely going to see of a house. Most people today when they are looking for houses for sale to buy, or even if they see a "For Sale" sign on a property near them and want to see the interior, will look the address up online.

If you stage your home you'll have better photos of the home. These photos will be used for any of the marketing materials that your potential buyers will be seeing. Buyers will use these materials to decide if they even want to book a showing of your home, so it's important to make a very strong first impression.

Minimalism isn't always best

We've talked about the importance of decluttering before, but keep in mind: too little can actually exist. Having too few things in a home, or even empty rooms, can potentially look worse to a new buyer. Rooms will look smaller with nothing in them, and you're not showing any of these home buyers the potential that your home has.

Having your home staged will help buyers realize what the potential of each room has. It will also help them envision how they will fit into the home. It's difficult to imagine what you will do with an empty room, but it will be easier for buyers to decide whether their furniture will fit in a room based on what's already in it. You want your buyers to see a room and think of what they can do with it; the better they can see the potential, the more interested they'll be.

If you need help, get it

It can be hard to detach from your home to sell it, and it can be especially hard to detach from your home to stage it. You may look at the home decor and see the sentimental value of it, not the market value of it.

Getting an expert (whether you hire a home stager or have an experienced Niagara real estate agent who can help) to help you stage your home will make that easier. They will know the trends of what works in a home and what looks appealing. They know what works to win over buyers and what will work to sell your Niagara home.

At Team Davids we have the connections and expertise to help you sell your home. Our team is committed to getting your home sold for top dollar. We know the market, and we know how to market your home to get it sold. Check out our comprehensive Home Seller's Guide, which can help answer your questions about selling your Niagara home.

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