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Do I Have To Perform a Home Inspection?

Posted by Terence Davids on Aug 10, 2017 2:38:32 PM
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In a competitive market, some buyers think that their offers might look more appealing if they forgo clauses about conducting a home inspection. Some people involved in a real estate transaction might even think it's an unnecessary expense that can be opted out of. The reality is choosing not to schedule a home inspection is a risky move, and one we wouldn't recommend.

Why Hire Niagara Home Inspection Companies

You're probably thinking: do I have to perform a home inspection? What happens if I don't? If you forgo a home inspection when buying a house, you risk buying a home that has many problems you're unprepared to handle.

By putting a home inspection clause into your offer, you give yourself some security. If significant issues with the home are found during the inspection, the contingency placed in your offer will allow you to back out of the offer. Consult with your Niagara realtor about how to add this into your offer.

What to Expect When Conducting a Home Inspection

A home inspector will check a number of things when they come into a home. They will complete a thorough exam of the homes interior and exterior. Below is a short list of what they will look at when they conduct their inspection.

Interior Home Inspection Includes:

  • All plumbing, including pipes, faucets and showers
  • Electrical, including wiring and all outlets
  • Your HVAC systems, for proper safety and functionality
  • Your water heater, for safe and secure installation and age of the unit
  • All appliances, including your washing and drying machines
  • Fire safety exits and smoke detectors

Exterior Home Inspection Includes:

  • Exterior walls for any damage
  • Any evidence of cracks or damage to the homes foundation
  • The slope of the grading of the home, and whether it goes toward the house or away from the home
  • If there is a garage, they will inspect that to ensure proper access and proper ventilation
  • The roof of the home for any damage or leaks, as well as the condition of the gutters

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