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Terence Davids is the real estate professional, personified. An unwavering passion for beautiful homes and properties aligns with his savvy for the world of business. His relaxed persona should not distract from his ability to negotiate the best deals for his clients with a seemingly effortless finesse. You want Terence on your side of the table.
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Breaking Down The Mortgage Application Process

Posted by Terence Davids on Sep 21, 2017 10:32:36 AM

The mortgage application process can feel like the scariest part of the home buying process. The best option for first time home buyers is to get pre-approved. The pre-approval process can start up to 120 days before you begin shopping for a new home. If you're wondering how to get pre-approved for a mortgage, you will need to provide lenders with documents proving income, source of down payment, and assets and liabilities in order to be pre-approved.

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Should You Improve or Sell Your Home in Niagara?

Posted by Terence Davids on Sep 19, 2017 2:58:43 PM

There are some things that can be improved on a home if you don't like it. Renovations can improve the home you're in to make it be more functional for you and your family. However, there are some things about a home that can't be fixed with a coat of paint or by knocking down a wall. When it comes to those things, it's time to move.

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How Much Commission Do Real Estate Agents Charge?

Posted by Terence Davids on Sep 15, 2017 3:36:19 PM

Having a real estate agent on your team is an essential part of buying or selling a home. We've talked before about how much you can benefit from having a realtor on your side during the home sale transaction. However, we know that some people still love the idea of selling comm free because they believe some common misconceptions about realtor commission rates.

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The Top 3 Reasons To Sell Your Home in Niagara This Fall

Posted by Terence Davids on Sep 14, 2017 10:34:32 AM

Summer has wrapped up, the kids are back to school, and we're entering the autumn real estate market. During the warmer spring and summer months the real estate market saw some impressive home sales. As the weather cools down and the leaves start changing, it's time to consider the possibility of selling your Niagara home in the fall.

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Common Mistakes That Make Home Buyers Run

Posted by Terence Davids on Sep 7, 2017 10:25:38 AM

If you've decided to sell your home in Niagara, we can't stress how important it is to be sure you impress potential buyers. If you want your home to sell quickly and at the best price, you need to ensure that buyers are wowed the second they walk through your door.

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Buying a Home By Yourself? No Problem

Posted by Terence Davids on Sep 5, 2017 4:52:16 PM

The market is full of single home buyers (predominantly women, although there are many single male buyers) who are looking to buy a home on their own. The home buying process can be intimidating even when it isn't a single person buying, so to begin the process of purchasing a home on your own can be very overwhelming.

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How To Determine Niagara Property Values

Posted by Terence Davids on Aug 31, 2017 1:56:09 PM

Price can make or break the sale of your home. If you price your home too high, it might sit on the market and you may have a difficult time selling it. If you price the home undervalue you are losing money in the sale. Are you wondering how to determine your home's value and find the happy medium?

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Why Your Niagara Home Won't Sell

Posted by Terence Davids on Aug 30, 2017 8:47:09 AM

Wondering why your Niagara home won't sell? It's a frustrating position to be in. There are some common reasons for houses not moving that could be the problem. We put together a list of them to help you see if you can increase buyers interest in your home and get it sold.

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Should I Become A First Time Condo Buyer?

Posted by Terence Davids on Aug 25, 2017 9:55:16 AM

In large areas of Canada like Toronto the housing market may have cooled, but the condo market is heating up considerably. The demand for condos in Canada is booming as many people opt to purchase a condo instead of a home when looking for a starter home, and the market is also seeing an influx of retirees looking to downsize.

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What Is The Big Deal About Com Free Realty

Posted by Terence Davids on Aug 24, 2017 12:23:17 PM

When it comes time to sell your home there are a few options for you about what your next steps are. Today there are a number of "com-free" realty options that people consider. You've probably seen the signs popping up in neighbourhoods around you.

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