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Advantages of Owning A Heritage Home In The Niagara Region

Posted by Terence Davids on Nov 23, 2017 10:30:00 AM
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When purchasing a heritage home a sense of pride and history comes along with it. It allows people to think of the past honouring everything that has happened, but also keeping in mind how the future is continuously evolving. Even though heritage homes have certain rules to follow, they offer character and spirit. Heritage homes also offer a number of other benefits to the home buyers.

What Makes a Home a “Heritage Home”?

The heritage committee are the ones to determine whether a property should be designated a heritage home. For a home to be deemed a heritage home it must follow these guidelines:

  • Has architectural value
  • Relates to a significant person or event in the history of a city that helps us understand the character of our community or area
  • High degree of craftsmanship, artistic merit or scientific or technical achievement
  • The home being a landmark
  • Preserves the valuable legacy of the past

An example of the a beautiful heritage home for sale within the Niagara area is 1840 Decew Road. This is a heritage home that offers architectural value when visually looking at the house. As well having the history of being Modeled after George Griffiths house that shows the historical value of being an intersection between two ancient Indigenous trails. 1840 Decew Road is able to provide us with beautiful heritage right in the heart of Niagara that is currently on the market.

Benefits of Owning a Heritage Home

When owning a heritage home you are able to be part of something special that not everyone has. Your home is able to tell a story just as guests walk through the door. You also have access to grant programs that allow financial help to restore heritages home, as well as rebates on property taxes. A main benefit of owning a heritage home is the pride one has and being able to own part of the past.

By purchasing a heritage home is able to provide pride and a piece of history when hosting guests in your house. This is able to to allow a homeowner a unique with property space that comes rare in today's market. Think about owning a heritage home today in the Niagara Region right off Decrew road, look into the stunning heritage home located at 1840 Decew to have a piece of history as your home!

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