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A Guide to Downsizing Your Home: Part II

Posted by Terence Davids on Jul 11, 2017 4:25:30 PM
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Last week we went through tips that were useful to get you started on downsizing your home. By now, your moving arrangements have made some progress and being the best real estate agents in Niagara, we have added some tips on how to make things easier as your moving day approaches.

Keep, Sell, Charity

Label three bins with these titles. This is to help if you have trouble letting go of certain things. It’s a way to get organized and think about what you really want to keep.

As a good measure keep one-third to one-half of your belongings so you can ease up the move without feeling like you’ve left everything behind. As you sort, wait a few days before you go through with getting rid of anything, to be sure you're ready to commit to ridding yourself of the object.

Get an objective opinion

Sometimes you need an outsider’s opinion who will give you their honest thoughts about something you have either become too attached to or are just unsure of. It is good to have someone who is able to give you a new perspective on things you’re thinking of keeping or leaving behind.

Use this person to be your fresh set of eyes through the whole moving process, as you clean your home before buyers come to see itas well as when you pack. This will give you someone who isn't invested in what your home looks like to help you through the process.

Auction your high-end items

Once you have auctioned off what you could, look next to second hand dealers and antique shops who can buy most of your things or put you in the right hands of others who would be interested. Some of these dealers even come to your home and take what they don’t want and drop it off to charity for you, saving you the trip and giving you time to focus on the move.

Utilize your floor plans

If you don’t have any plans drawn up, do a furniture layout within the plans and view your home in this unique way that let’s you see what looks too tight in one room to another before you even lift a finger.

Pack with a colour coded system

You can either go with a colour or number, it doesn’t matter which one as long as you follow the system that you started. If you did the master bedroom as a red sticker, then everything you want to bring into your master bedroom should have a red sticker so you know where it goes once it gets to your new home. This is a simple way to keep yourself organized and make the transition into your new home easier.

Downsizing your home opens a new chapter bringing new memories and exciting experiences to your next forever home. These tips will remove the stress and allow for an easy move into your new home and looking forward to the future you have in it. If you're ready to downsize and buy a home in Niagara that is smaller than the home you're currently in, connect with Team Davids today. 

Team Davids is an experienced team with some of the best realtors in Niagara, who are ready and eager to help you find the right sized home for you. For more information, download our free Buyer's Guide below. 

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