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A Guide to Downsizing Your Home, Part 1

Posted by Terence Davids on Jul 7, 2017 3:54:23 PM
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If you’re looking into downsizing your home, we recommend you first look into buying a home in Niagara. With growing adult communities in Niagara, urban areas and a volume of cottage real estate available, deciding to purchase your next home within the Niagara region is a good idea. But how do you downsize the amount of things you have?

Some things will be easy, like that extra pan and mixing bowls, but others may be less obvious and overlooked when you start downsizing. We put together some tips to make an easy transition into your new home.

Write a list of what you can’t live without

It can be difficult to let go of things that made your house into a home, but we promise some of those things are just taking up unnecessary space. Keep what you know you can’t separate from and let the rest go allowing for a less to unload later.

Remove at least one of your belongings each week

Start a few months earlier so by the time you’re about to move you have a lighter load than what you started with. It might sound odd, but paper is the killer that is cluttering your whole life. Take some time to get rid of what you don’t need by shredding and then recycling it.

Compare your new house room sizes to your current one

That dining room set you’re holding onto because you want to bring it to your new home only to realize it doesn’t fit anywhere can be one of the many scenarios people don’t think of when downsizing a home.

Avoid the inconvenience by using a room in your current home that is same in size as the one in your new home. For example, if your current bedroom is more of an accurate size of your new kitchen use that room instead of your current kitchen to get an idea of what will fit.

Get rid of items that hold no sentimental value

The kitchen is the main stage of your house that also holds too many things that are not sentimental and probably haven’t been used for a while. Can you manage to give up a few of your pots from that 14 piece set?

Another key to downsizing is if you’re downsizing from a house to a condo, target the garage and shed for items you’ll no longer need in your new home.

Recycle. Recycle. Recycle.

Be environmentally responsible and give your things a new home. Even if you don’t think anyone will use it, anything can be refurbished to be used in all different ways.

Consider giving things that may be half used or stored such as cans and cleaning products to local shelters, neighbours and friends which avoids wasting these products by throwing them away.

While you’re looking to downsize and buy a home in Niagara it can be difficult to think of everything when it comes to making the decision of what can be carried from one home to the next. To ensure you get the best advice, choose to work with the best realtors in Niagara. Team Davids has the expertise to help you understand how to downsize the smart way, and will help you find the right new home for you.

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